Olympic Games Tokyo - Event

Olympic Games Tokyo

  • Date: 24 Jul 2021 - 30 Jul 2021
  • Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Type: Olympic Games
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200 days for Judo start at Olympic Games

5 Jan 2021 10:55

The countdown clock for the postponed Judo tournament of the Tokyo Olympics hit 200 days to go on Tuesday while Japan would consider calling a state of emergency as new coronavirus cases surge to record numbers in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures. Japan has never had a lockdown for COVID-19, attempting to juggle the economy and health risks. Read more

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Russian flag banned from Tokyo Olympic Games

17 Dec 2020 16:55

Only Russian athletes who meet certain criteria will be able to compete as neutrals at events including Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar - should the nation qualify - under the decision rendered by the CAS. Judoka can still qualify but only compete under the neutral flag. Read more


Opinion: The harsh reality of the road to the Olympics

16 Dec 2020 08:30

There was a special duel in Japan on Sunday. Hifumi Abe and Joshiro Maruyama - two great judo masters from the Land of the Rising Sun battled for one spot in Tokyo on the tatami. The stake in this spectacular fight was promotion to the Games. It could easily be a premature Olympic final. But one of these players will watch the Tokyo 2020 tournament on TV, and the judo level at the games will suffer. It's outrageous. Read more


Olympic qualification: Maruyama vs Abe in just one contest

12 Dec 2020 15:20

The battle between Joshiro Maruyama and Hifumi Abe is a big TV show, what fans wanna see, but should it be just one match to decide this? Perhaps the best of three matches would be a better way, like boxing match over various rounds. The winner is potential the next Olympic Champion, but a danger of such a battle (not just this one) is that none of the two candidates takes the Olympic gold. It’s also about the shape of the day. Who is in best shape on 13 December, that’s a question Oon Yeoh of JudoCrazy analysed. Read more


Canadian Battle Royale: Deguchi vs Klimkait

10 Dec 2020 20:30

While the world of judo is anxiously awaiting the grudge match to play out between Joshiro Maruyama and Hifumi Abe this Sunday, there’s another one brewing over in Canada between Christa Deguchi and Jessica Klimkait, for a spot on the Canadian Olympic team. Read more