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France collects eleven medals at openingday in Gyor

France collects eleven medals at openingday in Gyor

11 Feb 2024 00:15
Ecuador Judo Federation

France started strong at the first day of the European Open in Gyor where five nations stood atop the podium, sharing a total of seven gold medals. France emerged as the top-performing nation with an impressive haul of two gold, three silver, and six bronze medals. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea followed closely with two gold medals in the U60kg and U73kg categories. Austria, Spain, and Belgium also claimed a top position each.

In the U60kg and U73kg categories, gold medalists Chae Kwang Jin and Kim Chol Gwang from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea showcased their skills, executing morote seoi nage techniques to secure victory. Ellen Salens of Belgium, the top seed in the U48kg category, displayed her experience and ne waza skills, clinching the gold medal with a well-executed juji gatame against France's Anais Perrot.

In the U52kg final, Lea Metrot of France emerged victorious over Rebeka Keller in another captivating ne waza exchange, eventually securing the gold with a determined shime waza.

Although the host nation didn't clinch the top spot, Hungarian judoka Rebeka Keller delivered a remarkable performance in the U52kg category, securing the silver medal. Other notable finishes for Hungary included Bence Pongracz in the U66kg category and Daniel Szegedi in the U73kg category, both finishing in 5th place, along with Rebeka Rita Koszegi who claimed 7th place in the U48kg category.

Austria's Marcus Auer, competing in the U66kg category after transitioning from the U60kg category, impressed with his ne waza prowess, securing victory with a juji gatame against France's Thomas Jaffart. Martha Fawaz of France, representing Team Paris Saint Germain, demonstrated resilience and strategic prowess, claiming victory over Laura Kallinger of Austria in the U63kg category.

Ariela Sanchez Benitez, competing under the Spanish flag for the first time, showcased her skills and determination, securing victory with a well-executed koshi guruma against Poland's Natalia Kropska.

Reflecting on her performance, Sanchez expressed her happiness with the medal and her hopes for future success, emphasizing her preparation and training regimen. Her victory marked a significant milestone in her journey, highlighting her resilience and determination to overcome challenges and return to peak form on the tatami.

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