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No space for Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov to compete as neutrral athlete at the Olympic Games

No space for Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov to compete as neutrral athlete at the Olympic Games

4 Jul 2024 13:55
IJF Gabriela Sabau / International Judo Federation

Despite accepting the invitation from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov, who accepted the invitation, will have no chance to compete in Paris. The IOC updated the status of neutral athletes on its website, but Russian insiders claim he cannot go alone; it’s either all athletes or none, without exceptions.

The Russian Judo Federation previously stated to withdraw all neutral athletes from the Olympic Games, however Makhmadbekov had accepted the IOC's invitation. Valerii Endovitskii, Elis Startseva, and Dali Liluashvili have been accepted by the IOC but have not confirmed their participation. The Russian Judo Federation will not accept Makhmadbekov to compete as only acception.

Individual Neutral Athletes (AINs) are those with Belarusian or Russian passports deemed eligible and invited by the IOC to compete in Paris 2024. These quotas were determined through existing qualification competitions and specific eligibility requirements of the International Federations (IFs).

In some sports, the number of eligible athletes may be lower than the earned quota places, leading to reallocation of these spots to other AIN athletes or athletes from other NOCs, as per the qualification system of the respective IF.

For Paris 2024, strict eligibility conditions for AINs were set by the IOC Executive Board in December 2023. The IOC also established the Individual Neutral Athlete Eligibility Review Panel (AINERP) in March 2024 to evaluate the eligibility of each athlete with a Russian or Belarusian passport, as well as their support personnel. The AINERP has reviewed athletes based on these principles and new information from various sources, including official lists of athletes affiliated with military and security forces in Russia and Belarus.

The participation of these athletes in Paris 2024 is contingent on their acceptance of the individual invitation and signing the Conditions of Participation, which include a commitment to respect the Olympic Charter and its peace mission.

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