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Israel Judo Association revokes job offer for Alain Schmitt

Israel Judo Association revokes job offer for Alain Schmitt

2 Dec 2021 12:40 - Hans van Essen / judo news, results and photos

The Israel Judo Association cut off all contact with French judo coach Alain Schmitt, days before he was slated to begin a new job in Israel, after he was arrested following accusations of domestic violence. Olympian Margaux Pinot says she was beaten and strangled by her partner, Alain Schmitt, who was arrested and later released after a court hearing.

Schmitt was arrested over the weekend on allegations of assaulting his girlfriend, fellow French judoka Margaux Pinot. He was released on Tuesday following a court hearing citing lack of evidence. The prosecution said on Wednesday that it would be appealing the court’s decision.

The former judoka was arrested just hours before he was slated to leave for Israel and take over as head coach of the Israeli national women’s judoka team where Shany Hershko was the successful coach for years. 

Olympic gold medallist Margaux Pinot posted an image of her battered face on social media on Wednesday, railing against the court’s decision to release him and alleging that he punched her, strangled her and smashed her head against the floor, breaking her nose, before she managed to escape. Also Schmitt posted a photo where his eye was blue after his release from prison.

Pinot received a lot of support from the international sports world where the reaction were even stronger after Schmitt was released. Schmitt and Pinot were partners.

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